Bob Cotton

Bob got his start in the organ business as a high school student. His best friend’s mother was the organist at a San Antonio church and sold organs for a man who had a local Allen dealership. The dealership needed some muscle to help move the organs in and out of the churches, so they hired Bob to do the grunt work.

After school, Bob joined the Army, where he ended up taking the most comprehensive electronics training program offered in the military. When he made his way back to civilian life, this served him very well and helped him get his first official job in the organ industry, working for Vince Parks at Church Organ Company in San Antonio. When Vince decided to move the operation to Houston, he asked Bob to come along with him. Bob worked with Vince as a technician at Church Organs of Houston until 2001, when the company came under new management. From there, he worked as a traveler installer/uninstaller for The Reuter Organ Company and a Senior Production Manager for a cabinet manufacturer.

Bob returned to the organ business as private contractor for an Allen Organ dealership in 2011. In 2016 Bob finally decided it was time to branch out on his own and start Houston Organ Company.

Bob can be contacted directly at 713-376-4626.

Brett Cotton

Brett was first exposed to the world of church organs when he was a mere 10 years old, helping his dad on various installation jobs. For over a decade, he has dedicated his working life to the organ industry as a serviceman and installer. He has traveled around and outside of Texas with The Reuter Organ Company, and is currently attending a technical institute for training in electronics and business administration. Eventually, he will take over the business for Bob, keeping Houston Organ Company a family-owned business.

Monica Cotton

Monica began her working life in the hospitality industry, where she worked until the family moved from San Antonio to Houston in 1995. Once Brett was born, she went back to work, this time in the country club business. The experience she gained throughout her long years in hospitality and customer service has prepared her extremely well for the role she’s taken on at Houston Organ Company, as she’s responsible for everything from billing and bookkeeping to coordinating concerts and entertainment.

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